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Would You Like To Create The Ultimate Vision Board On Your TV?

I’ve purchased two Apple TV’s (one in my Livingroom and one in my Bedroom) a while back.. a one time fee of $99 each from Apple.

See more info here


Its probably my favorite gadget of them all. Full Bluetooth capability.. Using Apple TV’s Bluetooth functionality, I connect my iPhone and iPad to stream my music, pictures, videos and Audiobooks (from through the Bose System (you can use your TV speakers or any receiver).

I also use iCloud to sync my music, so I can enjoy my entire music collection and Pandora via my Apple TV also. It’s awesome for gatherings at home.. everyone can be a DJ.

After performing a cost analysis between my DirectTV subscription and the cheap Netflix, Hulu subscriptions – I’ve disconnected your cable and saved $150 a month. Most of the shows are available on AppleTV apps or will be.. so you’re good to go. The other apps ESPN, HBO GO, etc.. only require an activation. Contact anyone you know with cable or satellite TV and have them activate the apps for you.

Now on to the Vision Board creation..

1. Create a photo stream on your IOS Device following these steps

  • While viewing a photo or video, or when you’ve selected multiple photos or videos, tap and tap iCloud.
  • Tap Stream, then tap New Shared Stream.
  • Name the new stream “Vision Board” and tap Next. You don’t have to add anyone, since its not for sharing with anyone else.
  • When you’re finished, tap Next, then tap Post.

2. Select Settings from the Home Screen



3. Select Screen Saver


3. Select iCloud Photos


4. Select the Photo Stream you’ve just created


5. Go back to the Menu screen and Select Preview. You can tweak the way the images move across the screen and a few other options.. but you’re all set. Instead of watching TV.. watch your Vision Board.. you’ll get much more Value from it 🙂

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