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Worth Reading – Study The Greats And Become Greater

In today’s world, we live in an environment that champions the glamorous lifestyles of the rich and famous. We are bombarded by images on the cover of magazines, TV screen and the internet that remind us that we are not yet rich, and are not yet famous. The media conditions us into believing that this pinnacle of success is reserved only for a select few, that there are a limited number of tickets to the fame party, and that our genes simply aren’t special enough to stand out. This is far from the truth.

You are on a journey to success. Focusing on the antics of the famous will not help you, only distract you. Instead, focus on which actions they took to get to their extraordinary lives, and at the positive habits that were formed and consistently put into practice. Better yet, study the life of someone who has excelled in the same field that you want to prosper in. Once you look into the histories of the extreme winners, you will often see that they started with even less resources than you. And that is why you must study them.

With all the biographies, biopics, and documentaries readily available today, there is no excuse not to understand and duplicate the extreme winners’ positive attributes. In fact, many of the people you look up to today used these very same techniques. Millionaire internet marketer Frank Kern attributed his success to his study of Dan Kennedy. Arnold Schwarzenegger molded himself on Reg Parks’ fitness work-outs, before going on to win Mr. Universe – just as his idol did. Even Muhammad Ali, arguably one of the greatest boxers that has ever been, used inspiration figures. He imitated some of the techniques of Sugar Ray Robinson and then fought his way to the Heavyweight Boxing Title and into the history books.

Whenever Warren Buffett gives university talks, he usually advises college students to write down admirable traits from the people they admire, and then make these traits their own.

You too must emulate the procedure of remolding yourself by learning and mastering the character traits of the people you admire.

Action Steps:

1 Write down what you want to achieve.

2 Write a list of people who have achieved the things that you want to achieve.

3 Compile a list of the character traits you admire.

4 After completing the steps above, start adding and perfecting the most empowering traits until it becomes automatic. If you do this consistently, you will become unstoppable.


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