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Why I Believe Today Will Be Your Best Day Ever

I believe you are tired of the same daily routine.

I believe you’re tired of starting something new.. Quitting and starting again..

I believe you’re tired of depending on other people to make you happy.

I believe you’re tired of not having the resources you need – to provide for yourself and your family.

I believe you’re tired of waking up and going to a job when you’ve always wanted to start your own business.

I believe you will be a great entrepreneur.

I believe you’re tired of your living situation and you’re ready to change it.

I believe you were scared to try something new without your friends because you were afraid – they would think different of you.

I believe you can and will use your influence to improve the people around you.

I believe you are a Leader.

I believe those old habits were necessary at a point in time.

I believe you needed to experience, what its like to not have the self-discipline you’re capable of having.. just so people can identify with your struggle and desire to improve.

I believe you were taught to “never change”.

I believe you want to be the highest version of yourself.

I believe you will challenge your previous mental model of “never changing” – because you know.. WE MUST CHANGE in order to ADAPT to Life’s challenges.

I believe today is your Day 1.. Why?

The greatest people to have ever lived.. once felt the same way you felt yesterday. Until they woke up one day and made a decision to never be the same again.

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