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How to Find Chrome Secret Settings

A pile of gold nuggets or gold ore on black background
A pile of gold nuggets or gold ore on black background

List of Chrome URLs

List of chrome://internals pages

For Debug

The following pages are for debugging purposes only. Because they crash or hang the renderer, they’re not linked directly; you can type them into the address bar if you need them.

  • chrome://badcastcrash/
  • chrome://inducebrowsercrashforrealz/
  • chrome://crash/
  • chrome://crashdump/
  • chrome://kill/
  • chrome://hang/
  • chrome://shorthang/
  • chrome://gpuclean/
  • chrome://gpucrash/
  • chrome://gpuhang/
  • chrome://memory-exhaust/
  • chrome://memory-pressure-critical/
  • chrome://memory-pressure-moderate/
  • chrome://inducebrowserheapcorruption/
  • chrome://heapcorruptioncrash/
  • chrome://quit/
  • chrome://restart/

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