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Lessons Learned

Ascension through metamorphosis

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My metamorphosis influenced gradual improvements.

Before studying successful people, I thought age, education and experience, blessings, and inherited money, meant instant success but I was wrong. Success is 80% psychological and 20% technical skills. The 80/20 rule applies to the foundation of self-confidence, self-esteem, and belief in your abilities. Embracing the behaviors of respected Leaders isn’t restricted to physical appearance – we must embrace our roles and lead by influence.

Ironically, Bishop TD Jakes and Dr. A.R. Bernard are amazing leaders, but I attended the Potters House and CCC in regular attire – because there isn’t a “dress code” – it’s come as you are. Today is the beginning of a new philosophy, I will now adjust my behaviors (appearance, actions, words) to reflect the Leaders in my life. Although good leadership is a rare occurrence in our society, we need to seek it and absorb as much value as we can.

As I continue to mimic great leadership, I will eventually become that which I mimic. Thus, the importance of INFLUENCE. We will continue to grow together.

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