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6 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Your Day Today

1. Small changes consistently implemented, inevitably produce huge results.

2. Doing your Best is not enough. You must know what you want to do first and then do your best.

3. What are the two or three most important things that you need to do today?

4. What are the things that – if you got them done.. Would make the biggest difference?

5. Failure to make a decision is – itself a decision. Life doesn’t stop if we fail to make a decision. If we fail to take responsibility for our decisions, it doesn’t mean we’re not making them – it just means we’ll be a victim of circumstance. If you’re having a hard time making a decision – ask yourself “Out of the available options, which experience do I want to have?”

6. We are products of our environment, therefore we must choose to be in an environment – that will help develop us to reach our goals in life.

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